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Professional Services Include:

Safety Code Certification & Consulting Services for Building Owner & Contractors

Design, Scope of Work, and Site Inspection Support for Construction & Modernization

Specification & Procurement Support for Elevator Upgrades

Condition Assessment & Maintenance Assessment of Existing Elevators

Elevator Design Seminars for Architects, Design Engineers, and Facility Managers

ASME A17.1 Training Classes for Elevator Mechanics and Certified Inspectors


Throughout 30 year careers with the U.S. Navy Elevator Program, Kevin Morse and Dale Hughes developed their concept of Facility Management Best Practice (FMBP).   

Their goal was to maximize elevator safety, performance, & reliability, 

and to minimize total ownership cost. 

The authors of the Navy Elevator Design Guide founded Elevator Logic LLC

 to broaden the concept and application of FMBP as it applies to 

elevator Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Safety Code Compliance.


Use the links below to review the support services that they provide to 

Building Owners, Designers, Facility Managers, Safety Code Inspectors, 

and Construction & Maintenance Contractors. 

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