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Elevate Your Design


We are often called in at the commissioning stage of a project to provide solutions to "unforseen errors".    The following are typical of the hundreds of problems we see:

  • Stairway access to the elevator machine room did not comply with IBC & OSHA requirements for minimum step tread depth and maximum stair angle & step riser height.
  • The building owner expected the "service" elevator to be available for passenger use but the elevator was designed using the ASME A17.1 freight elevator capacity and loading requirements. 
  • Designer thought that sump pumps are not required in the hoistway pit.
  • The sprinkler piping runs through the elevator machine room.
  • No shunt trip disconnect to remove power prior to sprinkler actuation. 
  • Emergency power generator can only run one elevator at a time but the emergency power controls don't provide for sequential elevator operation.

These types of errors often result in change orders and critical time delays

 for the building owner and the builder.

How can you avoid these costly mistakes?

Utilize Elevator Logic LLC experience & insight to support your design, specification, construction oversight, & commissioning process.

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Apply Elevator Logic as follows:


New Construction Design Support

The best time to have the elevator consultant on board

 is at the conceptual stage of the project.


Elevator Logic LLC consultants review concept design drawings for issues that can impact elevator operation, performance, certification, maintenance, and repair for the service life of the building.  Our holistic approach is designed to minimize cost

and to maximize safety, performance, and reliability.     


Elevator Logic LLC consultants also review design drawings and specifications

for the building systems that interface with the elevator system.  



Whether you're modernizing one elevator or an entire building, Elevator Logic LLC consultants have the knowledge & experience required to evaluate existing elevators and prepare a comprehensive set of recommendations for the project Scope of Work.  

To ensure compliance with all life safety and building codes, Elevator Logic LLC also evaluates existing building electrical service, fire alarm, fire protection, communication, & emergency power systems, and identifies required repairs and upgrades.   


Elevator Design Criteria and Specifications

The elevator safety code establishes absolute minimum requirements for the design of elevator systems, to ensure safe operation when the elevator is new.   The challenge for the building owner is how to retain that "like new" condition and operation.

Elevator Logic LLC has developed elevator design criteria and specifications that provide a level of quality that maximizes performance, dependability, and service life. The use of industry standard elevator systems and components provides the added benefit of lower up-front cost and lower life-cycle cost.