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Unless he or she is a Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI), with years of experience as a Certifying Official, the Quality Control Manager cannot be expected to recognize

the safety code and contract deficiencies that show up as "unforseen errors" 

during safety code certification and commissioning. 

Having an experienced & knowledgeable elevator consultant like Elevator Logic LLC

on your team gives you the peace of mind from knowing we are

on the job and watching out for your best interests.  

Elevator Logic LLC elevator consultants are experienced, knowledgeable, & qualified

to review construction submittals, conduct job-site progress surveys, and

represent the owner or builder in planning, progress, & conflict resolution meetings. 

To minimize elevator problems, have Elevator Logic LLC on your team.    



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Elevator Contractor Submittal Reviews

Safety Codes, Criteria, and Specifications apply to:

- machine room & hoistway lighting                        - elevator hoist machine & motor drive

- well casing, PVC liner, and hydraulic jack             - fire alarm panel monitoring


- hydraulic pump unit, piping, & control valve         - sump pump & control panel

- sprinkler flow switch & shunt trip disconnect      - Firefighters' Emergency Operation 

More often than not, these items are overlooked during preparation of the construction submittals for the elevator & for the building systems that interface with the elevator.

Elevator Logic LLC consultants have the knowledge & experience necessary to conduct contractor submittal reviews & verify compliance with codes, criteria, & specs.   

Construction Site Visits

A qualified and experienced elevator consultant should be used to make periodic visits to the construction site to verify that the ongoing installation of the elevator is compliant with codes, criteria, & specifications. 

Elevator Logic LLC consultants have the knowledge and experience that you need.



Effective elevator commissioning goes well beyond the minimum safety code compliance inspection and testing required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.  

Elevator Logic LLC consultants are expert at inspection, testing, recording, and verifying compliance with building & safety codes, design criteria, & specifications.

Maintenance Control Program (MCP) Evaluation

Elevator Safety Code requires the elevator contractor to prepare and provide a unique MCP for each elevator.  MCP documents must include a custom maintenance schedule, callback & test logs, and detailed procedures for inspection, testing, and repairs to the elevator equipment.  The MCP is required to be complete and on site prior to the start of Safety Code Certification Inspection & Testing. 

Elevator Logic LLC consultants are expert at verifying that the MCP is compliant with the extensive and comprehensive requirements of ASME A17.1, Elevator Safety Code.