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Condition Assessment Services


An Elevator Logic LLC Condition Assessment Survey & Report provides an unbiased assessment of existing conditions related to elevator operation, condition,

code compliance, & estimated service life.

The comprehensive survey evaluates the following:

  • major components, including controller, drive machine, car & hoistway doors, car operating panel, car door operator,  and car frame & safeties
  • functional integrity of the elevator machine room and hoistway
  • operating condition of building systems that interface with the elevator, including fire alarm, fire protection, electrical service, & MR HVAC
  • sump pump & piping and emergency power & communication systems 

Elevator Logic LLC specializes in elevator support for Government Agencies & Commercial Properties


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Repair or Replace - Individual Elevators

Elevator components have a useful service life and can usually be replaced without impacting the entire system.  Eventually, however, elevators reach the point where modernization is the most cost effective solution to performance issues.  Elevator Logic LLC consultants have extensive experience in evaluating elevator systems and determining the cost/benefit analysis of repair vs modernization. 

Elevator Logic LLC provides unbiased recommendations so that the building owner or property management team can make informed decisions, based on viable options.


Capital Improvement Planning - Campus Wide

In any building or complex, the more elevators, the higher the probability that the building owner will be faced with multiple elevator groups reaching the end of their useful service life at the same time.  

Elevator Logic LLC consultants are experienced in conducting assessment surveys of all of the elevators in a given building or campus in support of planning for allocation of funding for elevator modernization.  We evaluate existing elevator systems and prepare a Capital Improvement Planning Report, with priority recommendations based on safety code compliance, useful service life, and mission criticallity data provided by the facility management office.   

Modernization Scope of Work (SOW)

When an elevator is modernized, the safety code requires the entire system to be upgraded to comply with current building and safety codes.  The first step in the process is to evaluate the condition of the elevator, machine room, & hoistway, and the physical & operational condition of the electrical, fire alarm, fire protection, heating & cooling, and plumbing systems that interface with the elevator.

Elevator Logic LLC consultants have the knowledge and experience required to evaluate existing conditions and to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations for the modernization project. The recommendations are provided in a Pre-Design Survey Report that can be used to establish the project budget and to create or expand the basis for the SOW by the Designer of Record.