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Maintenance and Certification

The building owner and the property management company are responsible to ensure that their elevators & escalators are maintained, inspected, and tested according to manufacturers' specifications & the requirements of the elevator safety code.  

Two questions for the building owner and property manager: 

Are they?         How do you know?

The old adage  "Trust Everyone, Verify Everything"  applies to your elevators,

just as much as it applies to your home and your truck.   



The elevator safety code requires a unique & customized Maintenance Control Program (MCP) for every elevator.

Do you have an MCP in every elevator machine room? 


Safety Code Testing

 The speed governor and car safeties must be tested, with rated load, every five years to verify code compliant operation. 

Does the inspection report provide test data, including the safety slide distance measured and recorded during the test?   



Safety Code Inspection Report

 ASME A17.1 requires periodic elevator safety code inspection, testing, and certification by a Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI). 


Do you receive an inspection & test report?

Does the report provide test data and test results?

Does it explain safety code deficiencies & corrective action? 

Who reviews the report for content & accuracy?    

How do you verify? Use Elevator Logic!

Evaluation of Preventive Maintenance & Code Compliance

Elevator Logic LLC consultants examine, test, and record:

 -  elevator speeds, leveling, and demand response time 

 -  physical condition & operation of drive machine, hoist ropes, & rope grippers

 -  operation of the building systems that interface with the elevator

 -  MCP maintenance & service records and callback logs

 -  safety code certification inspection & test reports

An Elevator Logic LLC report identifies the areas where the maintenance & inspection programs are effective, and highlights areas that could be improved upon.

This information is critical to building owners, facility management, 

and the elevator maintenance company management.



You can read more about Elevator Logic LLC Maintenance Evaluation Services

or contact us directly for information and support.


Maintenance Control Program (MCP)

For existing elevators, the  current elevator maintenance provider is required

to prepare & provide an MCP that includes unique schedule & procedures for all

maintenance, examinations, tests, & adjustments required to maintain each elevator.   

Elevator Logic LLC consultants are expert in verifying that the MCP is compliant with the elevator safety code and the requirements of the Authority Having Jurisdiction.  

Understanding Safety Code Inspection Reports

The elevator safety code requires building owners to have their elevators inspected and certified by a Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI).  While the inspector submits a report of safety code deficiencies that must be corrected, more often than not the report does not provide the detailed information that the building manager needs, in order to move forward with having the deficiencies corrected.

Elevator Logic LLC has extensive experience in helping building owners and facility managers understand what is required to correct the deficiencies.  We review the report and provide detailed explanations of the safety code requirements that must be met.  We can also provide support for effective resolution of deficiencies, including cost estimates and negotiations with service providers.


Sort, Prioritize, and Assign Corrective Action

For existing elevator installations with an extensive list of safety code deficiencies, facility managers often find themselves in a position where they must plan for corrective action without a complete understanding of the elevator system, much less the deficiencies that must be corrected.    

Elevator Logic LLC consultants have extensive experience in working with U.S. Government Agencies in evaluating the severity of elevator deficiencies, projecting the effort required to correct each deficiency, determining who has the responsibility and the qualifications to make the corrections, and providing a priority listing for the agency or service to utilize for the process of correcting deficiencies and making the installation safety code compliant.   

Pre-Maintenance Contract Award Survey

A Pre-Maintenance Contract Award survey is used to establish the condition of the elevator equipment and the building systems that interface with the elevator.  The survey report is used to establish a baseline condition assessment for both the building owner and the prospective Preventive Maintenance  contractor.