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Education & Training - key to Facility Management Best Practice

The Elevator Logic LLC Training Program is based on over 25 years of experience in developing and conducting elevator training classes and design seminars for U.S. DOD Architects, Design Engineers, Facility Managers, Contract Oversight Personnel, and Certified Elevator Inspectors.

A comprehensive understanding of elevator systems and safety code requirements is paramount for the Building Owners, Designers, Builders, Facility Managers, and Elevator Personnel who make critical decisions related to design, construction, maintenance, repair, modernization, and safety code certification of elevator systems. 

What do you need to know?


Architects, Design Engineers, and Builders

  • application of elevator types to facility design
  • design & operation of systems & components
  • building & safety code requirements for elevators
  • electrical service for elevator drive machine
  • elevator design criteria and specifications
  • interface between the elevator controller and:

-  building fire alarm system     

      -  building fire protection system   

              -  emergency  two-way communication

             -  building emergency power system   


Building Owner & Facility Management Introduction to Elevators

  • elevator types, systems, & components
  • elevator machine & control rooms & spaces
  • safety protocol, safety hazards, & safe conduct
  • ASME A17.1 Elevator Safety Code overview
  • building owner's "Authorized Personnel"
  • Maintenance Control Program                        
  • elevator interface with:

-  building fire alarm system

        -  building fire protection system

                    -  emergency two-way  communication 

                    -  building emergency power system      


Understanding the Elevator Safety Code

This 3-Day course is designed for elevator technician, design, engineering, and facility management personnel who are familiar with elevators and who want to begin learning the requirements of ASME A17.1 and the proper and effective application of those requirements to elevator installations. 


 Instruction is designed to provide a comprehensive review of ASME A17.1, with emphasis on specific sections related to design, construction, maintenance, & certification of elevators, elevator hoistways, and machine & control rooms & spaces. 

For those who are new to elevators, this class can be combined with the 2-Day "Building Owner & Facility Management Introduction to Elevators" Class described in the section above.   


Advanced Elevator Inspector Training

For Qualified Elevator Inspectors, the ASME QEI designation is recognition of your understanding of basic safety code requirements and ability to conduct safety code inspections.  While QEI is an achievement, it should not be considered the pinnacle of success.   Proficiency in any technical discipline requires a commitment to continuing education. 

This class provides advanced training for QEI Elevator Inspectors who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of ASME A17.1.    

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