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Understanding the Elevator Safety Code


This 3-Day course is designed for elevator technicians, architects & engineers, facility management personnel, and others, who are familiar with elevators and want to begin learning the ASME A17.1 elevator safety code requirements and their proper and effective application to elevator installations.  If you don't have elevator experience and are not familiar with elevator types, components, operation, and building systems that interface with the elevator controller, you must first complete the Elevator Logic LLC 

2-Day basic elevator training class: "Building Owner and Facility Management Introduction to Elevators".


Attendees are required to have a hard copy of ASME A17.1, Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. Instructors will present and explain selected Parts & Sections of A17.1, with recommendations to highlight the sections that attendees may want to reference later.  Presentations are enhanced with graphics and photos of elevator systems and elevator installations.


The training will focus primarily on the following:  

         -  ASME A17.1 Part 2 - Electric Elevators

         -  ASME A17.1 Part 3 - Hydraulic Elevators

         -  ASME A17.1 Part 8 - General Requirements for:

         - Security, Maintenance, & Safety Code Certification, Inspection, and Testing

Safety, safe conduct, & safety protocol are emphasized throughout the class, including identification of mechanical and electrical hazards inherent in accessing machinery spaces and methods used to mitigate the associated risk.

Technical and Safety Code Instruction includes the following:

Day 1

  • Introduction and objectives
  • Overview of ASME A17.1 sections to be covered
  • Safety, Safety Hazards, & Safe Conduct
  • ASME A17.1 Part 1 - Scope, Purpose, & Definitions
  • ASME A17.1 Part 2 - Selected safety code requirements for:

                 - elevator hoistway & hoistway pit

                 - Machine Rooms & Control Rooms 

                 - Machinery Spaces & Control Spaces

                 - car & counterweight frames & suspension means

                 - guide rails, rail brackets, & bracket spacing

                 - counterweights, counterbalance, capacity & loading

                 - electric traction drive machines

                 - speed governors, governor rope, & safeties

                 - elevator hoistway horizontal & vertical clearances 

Day 2

  • ASME A17.1 Part 2  - Selected safety code requirements for:

                  - interface with building fire alarm system

                  - Firefighters' Emergency Operation

                  - interface with building fire protection system

                  - interface with building emergency power

                  - elevator auxiliary power operation

                  - elevator emergency communication


  • ASME A17.1 Part 3 - Selected safety code requirements for:

                  - hydraulic elevator machine/pump unit 

                  - hydraulic working pressure and relief valve 

                  - hydraulic control valve 

                  - hydraulic cylinder, plunger, & piping

  • ASME A17.1 Part 8  - Selected safety code requirements for:

                  - Security & Authorized Personnel     

                  - Maintenance Control Program (MCP)


Day 3

  • ASME A17.1 Part 8 - Selected safety code requirements for elevator Inspection, Testing, & Certification: 

                  - Persons Authorized & Inspection Frequency

                  - Electric Elevator Acceptance Inspection & Testing

                  - Hydraulic Elevator Acceptance Inspection & Testing

                  - Periodic Elevator Inspection and Testing

  • Question, Answer, and Discussion 
  • Final Test for Understanding & Retention
  • Course Evaluation Forms are provided to all attendees