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Knowledge and Experience


Elevator Program Managers

 For over 25 years, Kevin Morse and Dale Hughes managed the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Vertical Transportation Equipment (VTE) Program.  They were responsible for safe and effective procurement and operation of elevators, and other types of VTE, at U.S. Military Bases across the United States and around the world.  


Hands-on Expertise

 Dale & Kevin have similar backgrounds in the elevator industry.  Dale worked 15 years as an elevator mechanic in Norfolk, VA.

Kevin worked 15 years as elevator mechanic & member of Internat'l Union of Elevator Constructors, Local 10, Wash., D.C.

They completed NAVFAC Elevator Inspector Training Program & NAESAI QEI Inspector & Inspector Supervisor Certification.   


The "Elevator Design Guys"

 Kevin and Dale developed the original Elevator Design Guide as a reference document for Navy Architects & Design Engineers.   A multi-year coordinated effort of working with the NAVFAC Criteria Office and DOD Facility Management and Engineering professionals, resulted in uniform DOD Unified Facility Criteria (UFC) and Guide Specifications (UFGS) for design and construction of elevators in DOD shore facilities.    


Facility Management Best Practice (FMBP)

 To us, FMBP embodies a commitment to conduct oneself with integrity, professionalism, and fidelity; always acting in the best interests of the building owner, facility management company, and the applicable Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).


The practice of FMBP demands that we strive to provide the best services and training available, and continue to build solid relationships with AHJ, DOD, EDU, Elevator Safety Authorities, Design & Engineering, Elevator Manufacturers & Contractors, Building Contractors, and the Elevator Certification & Consulting communities.  


Elevator Training Experience

 The training classes offered by Elevator Logic LLC are based on over 25 years of experience in developing & conducting training classes for DOD Architects, Design Engineers, 

Project Managers, Certified Elevator Inspectors,   

Elevator Mechanics, & Contract Oversight Personnel.   

About Us


Kevin P. Morse

After earning a BA in Economics at the University of Maryland, Kevin entered the elevator trade.  While working full time for Otis Elevator Co., he completed the 4.5 year IUEC Education Program & passed the journeyman mechanic's test.  After 15 years, Kevin left the trade and became an elevator inspector with Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC).


  Kevin served as the NAVFAC Elevator Program Manager & Subject Matter Expert from 1995 - 2019.  He developed his concept of Facility Management Best Practice to ensure that  elevator design, construction, maintenance, and certification was conducted in the best interests of the U.S. Navy & DOD.

Kevin and Dale founded Elevator Logic LLC with the goal of providing that same level of facility management support to all commercial, state, & federal building owners & managers. 


Dale Hughes

Dale grew up in an elevator family and worked as an elevator mechanic for 15 years in Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA 

before going to work as a certified elevator inspector for

Naval Facilities Engineering Command in Norfolk, VA.  

Dale served as the NAVFAC Elevator Deputy Program Manager from 2002 - 2019.  Dale utilized his knowledge of elevator systems, building & safety codes, and the building systems that interface with the elevator controller, to develop standardized procedures for safety code certification and in the development of NAVFAC & DOD Elevator Design Criteria and Specifications. 

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